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Been working on all kinds of things, mostly like the title says, a lot of writing. Songwriting, composing, and writing my books on Juicing – Juice Recipes and Creating a Juice Fiesta. No exact titles as of yet, however, the writing ensues. I really love being a writer. When I was a kid, I remember reading Walden by Thoreau and being entranced by the romantic notion of living in nature and writing a book. There’s something so poetic about solitude combined with the exhilarating mystery and wonder of the natural world. I have my own little piece of nature here in Barcelona, the forest right behind Park Guell. Having two dogs forces me out of my little cocoon and into el bosque. Being with them, life becomes a completely different experience through the power of their supersonic ears and hyper sensitive noses. Priorities shift as I experience life in the eyes of my dogs. They are little zen masters, only experiencing one thing at a time, to the fullest of their capacity. When it’s joy- its pure bliss! They smile with their entire body, uncontrollably wagging their tails and panting. Sometimes I imagine I am one of them, just for a few seconds, to see what it would feel like. It’s a complete immersion of the senses, from what I can gather.

On another note, I started reading a wonderful book, that’s been collecting dust in my collection for a few years. You know, the books you purchase with the fullest intention of immediately devouring, only to let them gather moss upon your bookshelves, sitting there staring at you in constant reminder of your careless negligence. As if you had better things to do! You know what I mean, right?! Anyhow its called “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy – and I just started reading it last weekend while I was enjoying sitting by the ocean in Sitges, Spain. The seaside is always a wonderful place to enjoy relaxing and reading. It added a certain poignancy to the book, though completely unrelated in subject matter. So if you have already read this award winning novel – just don’t tell me. I don’t want to know what happens. I’m the kind of person who has to figure it out for herself!

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