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OK. Let’s get this one out there. All this talk about having Attention Deficit Disorder, not being able to put your self into one thing in a linear fashion and go from A to Z in perfect order – it’s got my wheels turning! I just can’t wrap my mind around the concept that ALL these people have this dis-ease. This 21st Century modern malady, potentially caused by too many hours watching television, surfing the internet and/or playing video games. All the psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mind-doctors out there are gonna fight me on this one, but I think its all a bunch of bullshit! Another opportunity to stamp you with a label, write a messy prescription, and induct you into the school of legalized drugs forevah- Cha-chiinng!!!

Well, maybe the truth is just that we have a whole new reality unfolding before our eyes. Maybe we have a new human consciousness emerging. Maybe we all learn in different ways, don’t you think?! I know for a fact that I think like an eagle, flying around the perimeter of a challenge or situation, looking at all the possibilities, circling around parts of the situation, hunting for details and understanding before I swoop in with deft precision and graceful wisdom to create long standing solutions to the problems I see. It’s not that I can’t walk in a straight line (actually, I am one of the few people in a major city who walks in a straight line, thank you very much). It’s just that its against my nature. I spent so many years trying to fit my round peg into the square hole that I finally realized – “Hey! That just isn’t me!!” So I threw in my towel, returned my people pleasing membership card, and signed up for the path of the lone wolf. No, it’s not fun being the kid everyone singles out as being “different” when all you want to do is find your tribe, fit in, and be a part of the pack. Some of us were made to be the new leaders, the pioneers willing to journey beyond the safe, comfortable, and the known – and ride our horse into uncharted territory. Thinking our own thoughts, in the pattern they take shape, in the imprint of knowing the truth of who we really are.

So what does this all have to do with Attention Deficit Disorder, or my idea of brilliant creative visionaries? I don’t know, I cant remember – because I forgot to take my poison (cough) I mean medicine. No, really, what’s this all about? It’s about clearing up your body of all the toxic crap you have been putting into it, replacing it with something called real food and gaining the mental, spiritual and physical clarity that is your birthright. It’s about taking responsibility for your own reality, stepping into the truly one-of-a-kind unique vision of majesty and love that you really are, jumping out of the box that could have become your coffin, and building a monument to the possibilities, ideas and dreams you have been holding deep within. It’s about dancing inside your own skin and singing from your own voice. About blazing your own trail when all the odds are against you, but the voice of truth inside of you tells you to go for it anyway! It’s about realizing your own genius, and that there’s nothing wrong with you because you do things in ways most people don’t understand – when truth be told….you are *Brilliant!*

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