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I believe that we are capable of way more than we think. So many people I talk to think that they have to live their life a certain way, according to their family, their culture, society at large, and beyond. Well yes, some people on the planet are very oppressed. Many of them, women. I hope my life can make a difference and that I will be able to change that. I hope WE can change that. But FIRST – we have to know that WE are capable of great transformations within ourselves, and before we even set out to create any great transformations in the world around us, we need to become empowered, take the reigns of our own lives and become the people we dream of being.

Thich Nat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, World spiritual teacher, author, poet and Peace activist nominated by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967 says, 

“To heal the environment, we must first heal the environmentalist”

Deep thought to contemplate.

I am focusing right now on cleansing, healing, re-setting myself and becoming lighter in every way. I think the music, the vibration, the energy that will come from me through this process will bring a strong clear presence into the world. I am tired of hearing negative music that keeps us living in our own states of anxiety, fear and oppression. I think we all want to experience true freedom and exhilaration. I know I want to be inspired. 

The Power to transform the outer world is in transforming your inner world. Stop the wars inside and even the little wars in your life will vanish. Have you ever heard and really listened to the words of that song by Jill Jackson Miller “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with Me” – Its NEVER to late to be the person you want to be!



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