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It has been said that the entire universe is made up of sound, and that each sound vibrates at a specific frequency. A simple way to understand this is to play a note on the piano, and become aware of how each ascending note vibrates at a higher and faster frequency. If you play a note and sing along, you will feel this vibration, this tone inside your body and notice the effects of different tones on your body at different times.

Mantras are sounds, frequencies, and can be words or groups of words. The Great Yogi’s have taught us that these sounds are manifestations of The Ultimate Reality, and that each mantra has a divine cosmic power.

One famous mantra many people know is “OM” – said to be THE sound of the Universe. Even meditation upon the symbol has cosmic power.

If I had just read about this for the first time, I would be intrigued and want to know more and to learn how to use these mantras in my daily life. Well, many years of a life focused on sound and energy has led me  through this path and I can assure you from extensive personal experience (including study with great Yogi’s, Sufi’s and Zen Masters) that mantras truly do hold a hidden power, deeply unexplainable and difficult for the mind to grasp.

A few years ago, after several years of devoted practice, I had a profound awakening during a retreat in the desert, where for the first time, and just in a flash, I saw what mantras are in a sort of visual illuminated form. This is probably a big secret since it took me many, many years to realize it. The best way I can describe them to you (in a way no Master has ever even revealed to me) is that they are like Divine Space Stations in the Universe, each one having its own actual form and vibration, and when you chant this specific mantra, it is as if your spirit activates the space station and it sends beams of its energy directives into the Universe, thus affecting the entire Universe, as well as your own specific emanation, as well as all the people who come into contact with you. Everything is interconnected.

I know that many people might wonder if I am craaazaay or on drugs, or maybe if I am a Unicorn (that one might be true). But, alas, it is just like any art form one can practice, and truly the benefits expand exponentially over time, and in large groups!!! The Great Ones, beings who devoted their lives to self-realization,  spent countless hours in daily meditation most certainly discovered these deep truths and passed them on from generation to generation. Most of the great teachings can only be learned through direct contact with a Master. It is said when the student is ready the teacher appears!

Some Great Teachers, maybe even controversial ones (look in their eyes):

In the spirit of Zen, I encourage you to seek that which is seeking you.

May your life be a light unto this world.





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