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Ok, so when I was living in NYC I really didn’t get the opportunity to spend too much time in nature. I lived in Brooklyn and the closest park was a 25-30 minute walk from my apartment, so for me and my two rescued pooches, it was a weekend treat in good weather…and when I wasn’t too exhausted from commuting and working and living in the madness that is New York City.

So now that I live in Barcelona….(That’s in Spain in case you don’t know your geography) I was saying, now that I am living in this wonderful place – only a less than ten minute walk from the infamous Park Guell, I walk to the park every amazing day!!! It’s my morning ritual, and I LOVE it! I feel so giddy sometimes. High on fresh air or something. All the negative ions infusing me with happy intelligence.

As you can see, my first born furry son Bapuji Von Snigglesworth aka El Capitan aka Bobo aka The Sniggler – well, He LOVES it too!!!

His sister Lola Jezebelle is also enamored with our local park, and loves to chase birds and eat grasses and sniff stuff. She wonders how she ever lived in the big concrete jungle of NYC, and prefers to spend afternoons napping or bathing in the sun on our patio. I have to agree with her, that life is just better for us here in Spain, and we prefer the gentle spirit of this wonderful city!

So lately I have realized that Life Is Better Outdoors! Not like I didn’t know that before, I just didnt really KNOW it till now! Plus the trees smell delicious and there are some amazing sounds the bugs and the birds make. If I could live in the forest, I definitely would. So I think it’s my happy place. Where is your happy place?!!

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