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Today is the eighty-eighth day – yes 88 days of living only on mostly organic juices and teas. Honestly, I am slightly amazed myself. No, it has not been easy. But it actually wasn’t as hard as you might imagine as well. Its kinda like once the wheels start turning, you get used to the ride. I only have five more days including today on this adventure. I am slightly frightened of returning to the world of solid foods. I guess with any ending, there is a sense of sadness, as you step into the unknown, and embrace another level of letting go. Am I a new person? Am I the same? Everyday I become more and more. I don’t feel the same. I don’t look the same. I am astonished at the way my body looks – at what juice can do. Its really phenomenal. On the other hand, its frightening what happens when you put certain – not so great- things into your body. I still think I have a lot more transforming and shifting to do. But, if you knew that by drinking just fresh juice and herbal teas for a month, two months, three months+ would change you in the ways you struggled with and yearned to be changed for years, why wouldn’t you dive in? These changes occur on levels beyond the physical. The spiritual, the subtle psychic body – our energetic vibration. We are what we eat, so choose wisely. Which is exactly what I intend to do next. Be wise. Be aware. Be thoughtful and conscious. Imagine a world full of people taking such care and love of themselves – don’t you see how that extends further? How that leads to being of service for everyone on the planet. How that makes us happier, healthier, kinder to all living beings – and more capable of offering the gifts we were born to share with one another. When you take something away, another thing emerges. The true self. The simplicity and purity of being. How far am I willing to go to find this pure place within and without? As far as it takes.

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