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I will be the first to admit I have a bad addiction. I don’t think it’s anything that will ever be cured. I love nail polish! My collection has been growing and growing. This weekend I am planning on making a custom wall rack to house my collection of over 100 nail polishes. I’m so excited to make it, I promise to post pics for your organizational inspiration!


As a pianist I am limited to the length of my nails, so I really go crazy with the colors, sparkles, glitter, patterns and all kinds of fun things you can glue ontop of your nails.Today I created this fun look inspired by some girls on YouTube! I find a lot of fun nail tutorials on YouTube, and am learning all kinds of things I never knew about nail art. Feel free to send me your pics and if you made any videos, I would love for you to send them as video responses to any of my fashion videos on my new YouTube channel

I spent some time on pinterest today (love it) finding pics of people’s collections and I have included some of them below. You can check out all my discoveries and passions here:

This is THE rack I am going to make this weekend with my own measurements! (The one below) I am a passionate DIYer!

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