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Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break, and hibernate. Sometimes you just need to be invisible from life for a while, not that everyone is paying attention to you, or anything. Only that you need to feel like you are wearing Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak and that you can just be free from worrying about what anyone else thinks about anything that you are doing, saying, or feeling. So you can dance about in the forest and make up songs for the flowers. Talk to the trees and forage for wild asparagus. Forget about fashion and beauty routines, just throw on your favorite comfy jeans and sit in the sunshine and the breeze and be like a blade of grass. Forget about deadlines and lists and productivity and only focus on inhaling and exhaling. And eventually when you have filled yourself up with enough of this playful nothingness, then it might be okay to return to the world of grown up things like dirty dishes, meetings, and important phone calls. If your looking for me, though, I’ll be sitting in the forest on the top of a tree stump.

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