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Today is the Seventy-Third day on my Juice Fiesta. I will repeat myself, the 73rd DAY of living on mostly organic freshly extracted juices!!! I cant even believe it myself! Has it been difficult, ummm yeah, has it been easy sometimes, actually yeah too. Has it been what I expected, ummm – NO! Yeah! Maybe! All of the above?!

The journey is going to continue for another 19 days or so. And people are asking me where I am getting my strength and my willpower from. How the *#^! am I doing it?!

Well, I can only partially answer that question. I think first of all, I had a great NEED to cleanse my body and my spirit, the past year of my life has been about massive, dramatic change and transformation, and juicing has been an integral element in clearing the blockages, carving out new pathways and cultivating a brighter stronger frequency. In essence, Out with the Old, In with the New!!!

I think we all experience great shifts in our lives, and we forget the awesome power we have to generate or support that ourselves by doing something ancient and whole (some even say holy) as cleasing. 

So does that make me feel closer to God, Goddess, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Allah, Samsara, Moses, The Holy Spirit, Source, The Great Oneness, The Great Nothing, The All That Is And Ever Was?????

YES! The answer is YES – and even though my life on the outside is far from perfect, and on the first few layers of myself (like an onion) I may seem emotional, breakable, erratic, mutable – at the core, deeper inside –  I feel peaceful. I feel connected. I feel entirely unbreakable.

So this brings up the question, “What is our True Nature?” and “How do we find it?”

I dont think you will find it in a box of Twinkies, but I do believe anything is possible. Giving away all of your belongings won’t necessarily bring you closer to its core (been there, done that) though it might make you feel less burdened, and the world will have one less candidate for the tv show “Hoarders.” I am not sure you will find it if you want to know so badly that you clench your fists tightly and grasp at the query. Sometimes searching and searching only leaves us chasing our tails.

I am constantly learning that by “letting go” – by opening up my palms, opening up and raising my chest, breathing deeply, and gracefully surrendering to receptivity, like the breath that naturally falls away and loyally returns – these truths start to speak to us, guiding us moment by moment, breathing us into being.

For me, food is a great attachment. I love to eat. And I have had to remind myself constantly that I am on a sacred journey, and that “Food” is not going to disappear from the planet. It will be there when I am ready to chew it up again. This fear of not having feels like a primordial ancient fear that is embedded in the DNA of the human soul. It is the fear of surviving, and the fear of dying. And I am facing my own death moment by moment – because I want to do more than survive – I am here on this planet to THRIVE – and so are you, my beloved friend, so are you!

We are all miracles. Incredible miracles who went through a massive journey to become  a human being – and look how much it took your parents to just keep you alive, and to assist you in becoming a person, educated, talented, full of love. Do we ever think about this as we go about our lives, sleepwalking? Some of us yes, most of us, no! But I promise you, whether you realize it or not, there is the seed of peace, the seed of love, the seed of greatness inside of you. Its your job to plant, water, and nurture it. We are all waiting for each other to bloom! Imagine the possibilities. AND I DO, I DO!!

If by chance you are reading this tangent of mine, by some divine intervention, or some strange synchronicity – please don’t dismiss this little blog post as something meaningless, futile, or small – because I am here to bring you something BIG, a gift for all of us. If there is one thing you can do, it is to open your mind and your heart to see the world, and all its inhabitants, as lovingly connected. To see the world, and all its people as nourished, loved, and safe. To see the world as our family whom we love and protect with all our hearts. Open the eye that is deep within and join me in this process of transforming what is within, expecting miracles, as we create the world that is without.

I leave you with an important link that will shift your awareness even further. I URGE you to watch this film with as many people as you can. I URGE you to set up a screening in your town, school, temple, church, theatre. Pass this on, once you see it, you will know why…..


Lots of Love, 


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