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OMG – I am about to CRY! Donna Summer DIED! WHAT??!! She was one of my favorite artists of all time. Is there some portal that opened and is just taking all of the greatest female singers off the planet right now?! I’m so sad I cant breathe.
MY STORIES»I grew up listening to Donna, My mom had all her records – her and Barbra Streisand – they were my guiding goddesses. I listened to her records incessantly, dancing around the house… I remember singing “Hot Stuff” with one of my friends in college, when we got ready to go out — The music and the magic of Donna was always there!
A few years ago, when I was living in NYC a friend of mine’s son was performing a solo cello piece in a Big Benefit at The Beacon Theater for his very special NYC school, and Donna Summer was the headliner. My friend, Michelle Williams Zemor knew I was a singer and loved Donna, and invited me (thank you SO MUCH, Michelle)…we had orchestra seats, and there was a moment when Donna said she needed some “special help for the next song” – I was sort of clueless at that moment, but Michelle grabbed me and shoved me out into the Aisle, and practically pushed me up to the stage – before I knew it Donna Summer was reaching her hand down and pulling me up on the stage with her and a few other women in the audience. We sang Back-Up for her – but I thought the sound engineers would figure we would suck and have the volume completely off on the microphones. I was so excited – I was onstage with one of my rare idols, one of the greatest voices of all time, Robert DeNiro was in the audience, It was a sold out audience at the beacon theatre, there was a band and an orchestra behind us, The lights were blazing, and I was shaking in my mom’s hand-me-down high-heeled suede boots (a half size too big)…….I THINK we sang “On The Radio” – the reason I say “I Think” is because I was so fucking excited and nervous, I went into a state of shock, excitement, and honestly cant remember!! All the childhood years of singing, dancing, and acting training kicked-in, I went on auto pilot, and even though we were only supposed to sing the chorus, I was so delirious, I was singing the whole song with her (obviously, THEY turned the mics OFF, RIGHT!!!) We were singing and dancing and it was EPIC!!!!! Donna Summer gave us all big hugs, and as I floated without almost falling off the stage in my momma’s boots, people in the audience were shouting to me – “You were GREAT!!” I was like “WHAT… the mics were ON?!!!!”
My Girl, Donna, gave me a taste of her glory, of her magic, of her rapturous velvety voice, and of the spark of the dream that I shared with her. I am all choked up, eyes swollen with tears to know she really had the Last Dance. For me, She will ALWAYS live in my heart, in my musical library, and I am utterly grateful for the gift to have shared a moment on a stage with one of the women who generated such a spark of light on the planet- that it really died too soon. I LOVE YOU DONNA!!!! FOREVER!!!!

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