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Change… No one wants to hear someone tell them to change! But I really like the idea that if you don’t like something about your life or the way you are living it – you can actually do something about it. You aren’t stuck, even though it sometimes feels that way. The real question is why does it seem so hard? And frightening? Are we changing all the time – but just dont notice it?

One of the basic needs we have as humans is for Comfort, but things aren’t going to always stay the same! Which is great when the going gets tough, but what about when you like the way things are? I remember one of my 7th grade teachers saying “the only thing you can depend on in Life is Death, and Taxes.” That was a pretty morbid thing to hear at the age of 12. But hey, it was memorable.

There’s this idea going around that if you are planning for the future – you aren’t living here now, and visa-versa. You know because if you are really here now, then things are gonna change and then what?! One of my Zen teachers used to say, “We live in the present moment, and we can plan for the future.” Zen teachers are famous for getting right to the point. I have always appreciated that.

Right now I am living in a different country from the one that I guess you might call “home.” The funny thing is, I never felt at home there. Hearing people speak languages I don’t understand can be exhilarating, challenging, and frightening all at once. I think when you feel at home inside yourself, wherever you are – you’re home.

Since everyday is a new day, it can be a wonderful opportunity to be open to something new, and isn’t that what change really is – just something new. I dont know if any of us will ever get comfortable with change, but like it or not, nothing stays the same.

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