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Yep. Just brewing up a LOT of magic. And the thing about magic is that its secret so I can’t even tell you what it is I am brewing. But lets just say that it has to do with Art, Music, Creativity & Adventures. And It involves some brilliant people that blow me away. I think you will learn about it soon – but not as soon as you might want. So you are just gonna have to stay posted. And wait. Ooohh waiting for good things is soooo hard to do, right. We want everything now, now, now. BUT think about it….. has anything that you love and value beyond measure ever happened instantaneously, without some effort, some grand gesture? NO! It took your mamma 9 months to grow you into this world, and every seed that grows into something wonderful and beautiful has taken time. “BUT I don’t have time.” WHAT?! That’s true actually. You dont HAVE it. It either exists or its an illusion – but nobody owns it. I am diving deep into the abyss of my creativity – wanna swim with me?

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