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Maybe you noticed that I haven’t been blogging in the past week or two…it’s because I have been in the studio recording my single “Barely Alive” in Barcelona with my amazing producers Santos and Fluren AKA The Blind Joes.

I am so excited to release my song (soon!!!) and share it with you! The Blind Joes are the best partners I have been dreaming and hunting for…I had to move across the Atlantic Ocean to find them. Seriously, it brings me to tears. As an artist, writing and creating my own music has been a real test of character.

First, it takes years and years of practicing and then some to become proficient as a singer, let alone “great“…. and the same goes for playing an instrument (I play the piano). Then writing is a whole different animal. Finding your true voice, really listening to your core, ignoring everything you hear out there…other than what’s truly relevant, having massive faith in a dream that no one really believes in but you….it’s a bloody challenge, to say the least.

I am the kind of person who never gives up. Ever. If I believe something to be true, I know it with my entire being, and I hold it in my heart and I fiercely protect and nurture it. I tell myself it’s like a seed that knows what it’s meant to become. An appleseed will never become a mango tree, so stop trying to force it to be what it isn’t. You know what I mean?!

Some of us are rare fruits. People can’t understand us, and we feel so different that it’s hard enough for us to accept ourselves, so we really don’t need all the outside pressure and judgement. A while ago, when I was struggling with all this, a friend told me, “It takes immense pressure to make a diamond.” I always remember what he said, and I take comfort in that.

I think if you talk to any of the great artists, writers, musicians, poets, & creators who have ever lived they will probably tell you that it took enormous effort to create great work. That they failed over and over again. The great one’s of long ago would probably laugh at the current climate of immediate elevation/recognition and then swift betrayal. Glorify to indemnify. At a certain point, you can’t really care about results anymore. You just have to do your work and release your attachment to the final result as well as people’s opinions.

Making music is really about collaboration, and I had a phenomenal experience working with The Blind Joes at their amazing studio. They have the most incredible musical instincts, and for the first time in the studio, I really felt like I could completely trust someone else with my music. They sent me a mix of the song the other day, and it’s better than I could have dreamt! I can’t wait to share it with you, and get your feedback.


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