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OK – are you someone who is willing to speak your mind? And by that, I mean, are you willing to put your voice out there and speak the truth when all hell breaks loose, or when you’ve paid some of your hard earned dough for a product or service that promises, but fails to deliver – do you write emails, call hotlines, send letters to CEO’s, demand results or your money back!! Or are you someone who just accepts everything the way it is…”system’s broken..nothin’ I can do about it”……”rotten chocolate bar…just my luck”…..”I just bought this, and it already broke! Oh, well, better buy a new one.”

Hell, NO!!! I am unapologetically outspoken. Even more positively stated, I am willing to speak out and be heard. Loud and proud. I am even willing to be unlikeable in the process. I tried being honest and likeable but it never worked for me, so hands in the air on that one…. and honesty rules every time. At least in my book! Maybe it’s just that I am all about fairness, equality, human rights! If I buy a cookie, and promise to split it with you, I’m cutting it right down the middle. If you loan me something, you always get it back, and in the same, or better condition than you lent it to me. I find mediocrity unacceptable. I am always giving my best, so why shouldn’t you?! I worked for that thing I bought, so why doesn’t it work?

Recently, I went to a restaurant and ordered a dish that very specifically stated the exact ingredients. 20 hungry minutes later, it was 1/3rd different than what I “thought” I ordered. It wasn’t what I was expecting, or even what I wanted. Some of the new ingredients are common allergens (not for me, but many people) and when the waitress tried to tell me it was what I ordered, I grabbed a menu, pointed out the details, and said, I just can’t eat this! It wasn’t a palatable creation! She kindly took it back, and let me order something else. I was starving, but I wasn’t willing to eat something disgusting. Would you have spoken up? Or would you have just accepted their discrepancy, and swallowed it, one awful bite at a time? I think it’s the chef’s job to tell the waitress to tell the customer if something is even slightly unavailable. Don’t assume people won’t notice the differences, especially when you proudly announce the ingredients! I think in this day & age where we have speed of light communication & interaction, the real cream will literally rise to the top. More and more of us are willing to voice our opinions – whether anonymously, or through social media, and our voices are being heard. Either that or the democratic social hum is just getting louder and louder.

Let me know in the comments below about a situation you were in that you just had to speak up about!



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